Tobacco Cessation

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YKHC is a completely Tobacco Free campus as of 2/5/2018.

Many of our patients use tobacco in various forms. Chewing tobacco is very popular out here, especially smokeless tobacco mixed with a spruce tree fungus that is burnt and masticated called punk. The punk and tobacco mixed together (Iqmik). The tobacco directly passes to the blood stream which gives a nicotine rush almost instantly. This obviously makes it harder to quit.

Providers should ask patients about tobacco use at every visit and really encourage them to quit chewing and smoking.

Nicotine/Tobacco Cessation Program

We have an aggressive Nicotine/Tobacco Cessation Program at YKHC.

  • The office is physically located just next to our outpatient pharmacy
  • They can be reached at 543-6312
  • To refer a patient, order: "Refer to Nicotine Cessation"
  • The Nicotine Cessation providers can select the appropriate strength of nicotine replacement once they have counseled the patient for you as the provider.
  • In Bethel, you can have the patient directly referred to the tobacco cessation office and they will be counseled and prescriptions for patches/gum /inhalers/bupropion/Chantix etc. will be written if appropriate.
  • In the villages
    • your best bet is to use the Quit Line: 1- 888-842-7848.
      • This is a State of Alaska sponsored tobacco cessation program that can all be completed over the phone.
      • They will send out free patches or other nicotine products to someone who wants to quit.
    • You can also refer to Nicotine Cessation in Bethel and they will call the patient.
  • Feel free to prescribe any nicotine replacement the patients want, but encourage them to see the Nicotine Cessation providers to help them with support. If you want to prescribe Chantix, please document that you asked the patient about depression to make sure this is a good choice for them.
  • You will be asked to sign proposed orders for Nicotine Cessation for your panel of patients.