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Village Preparation and Village Trip – Getting the Most Out of Your Trip.

One Month in Advance

Fill out Village Trip Notification Form – so the Scheduler Manager can make your travel and order your supplies.

For a routine village trip you will need prenatal list, CPP list, pap list, and list of elders in the village – 60 and older. You can request immunization varicella list – and Immunization coordinator can send it out to meet you in the village.

Fill out the supplies request form – the supplies will be shipped directly to the village.

Fill out the Pharmacy Order form and request stuff you might need (you will have to pick this up at pharmacy which will be explained more below). Implanon, IUDs etc. Always good to bring a few extra bottles of atenolol, lisinopril, Triamcinolone Cream etc.

Fill out the special procedures order form – your charge nurse will get that ready for you and you can pick it up from Club Doc Admin. Assistant.

Email Nurse Manager and see if they can find a nurse to go with you.

Before Trip

  • If you want to, review elder charts and make a list of labs you want drawn.
  • Call HA and see what they need – bring some fruit – you can get a box of apples from AC, or some cookies or coffee.
  • Call the school principal and find out if they would like you to talk about subjects mentioned below to a class. If so, the Village education/Injury Prevention has some materials. You can get hand outs on Sex Education, helmets, Drugs, Starting Periods, and etc. Go across the street and grab some (second floor).
  • Dental. If you want to give a healthy presentation and talk about tooth brushing—very key in the village. You can get toothbrushes, toothpaste, a big teeth and big toothbrush from dental for teaching if the dentist hasn’t been out for a while.

Day Before Trip

  • Go to Pharmacy, make sure meds and immunizations are boxed and ready for pick up.
  • Pick up from your charge nurse any sterilized items you will need- , IUD insertion kits, etc.
  • Before trip – fax HA – lists of patients to see – Pap list, elders, Immunization, Cancer list and any special pts. and prenatals.- or just call and discuss with them what you will need.

Day of Trip

Go to Pharmacy and pick up black box, extra supplies, refrigerated immunizations and frozen immunizations.

Call the airport to make sure plane is on time and flying.

  • ERA/Hageland 543-3800
  • Grant 543-2000

Bring warm gear to wear on the plane, food for your week, treats for health aides, maybe a box of fruit and books for patients.

In Village

  • Work with the Health Aide and Office Assistant to develop a schedule. The Nursing staff you brought with you can screen your patients .
  • Remember that your health aides with have to work with your nurse to get the lab specimens properly labeled and packed using the CERNER Path Net application. .
  • Work days and some night clinics if you want, sit down with the HA to make master plan when you arrive, but be really flexible.
  • Go on home visits to see elders.
  • Use your Health Aides!!! They know who is sick, who should be seen on a home visit and who you can talk into coming in for a pap.
  • If people are drinking, don’t see them in the clinic, they are too disruptive and too unpredictable.
  • Work on doing something social – go to bingo, or a community function if there is one.
  • Try to get to the school for hot lunch (usually it costs around $4.00) then try to hang out with the kids and teachers. If you have time, talk to 1 or 2 classes about health, careers, Sex education and/or drugs.
  • At the end of each day, try to finish that day’s paperwork and count up # of paps, # of elders, # of prenatals, # of acute care and referrals. This way, you will be ready for your trip report and you don’t have to do it at the end.


Draw labs in the village. This will give your health aides and Nurses and yourself lots of practice.

  • Purple or Pink is CBC, Tiger Top or Yellow is chemistry, Blue top – PT/PTT, Tall lavender is type and screen.
  • Tiger Tops/Yellows need to sit for 20 min and then be spun in centrifuge for 10 minutes. You want yellow clear liquid on top. If you are too busy the day of your departure you can take the tiger tops unspun and they can do them at the lab.

Send labs in the day after you draw them, don’t save them up for the end of the trip. Because if you do so, they may go bad.

Schedule all elders and Fastings to come in the AM. Someone can be drawing them while you see other patients.

Feel Free to talk to lab for a quick refresher prior to going out.

Send your labs to Bethel daily from the village, as the CBC are only good for 24 hours. Your health aides will know how to do this. Return Home if the weather is good!

Village Administration

Everyone does this differently. This is one method. Use either a paper Village Trip Report or the electronic one that will be emailed to you to count your patients and give feedback etc.

Sit down and look at your schedules from your village trip. Count up the number of chart reviews, prenatals, kids under 1, etc and a total of all the patients that you saw. Finish the village trip report and add what teachings you did with the Health Aides and in the community etc. Scan email or send it Molly Billy.

Finish any charts you did not get done. Please review your labs in the message center and create letters to send to your patients. Send them to your Case Manager Assistant to print out and mail.

When the email link is sent to you for your Expense - Trip Report, fill it out, typing in when you left for the village and when you returned to Bethel so they can calculate your Per Diem—which is $50 a day—if you would like to receive it. Submit it to your manager for review.

Village Trip Report Form