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In the villages, patients cared for by Community Health Aides (CHAs). CHAs have standing orders for minor illnesses, but when the illness does have a standing order or is complicated, the CHA must consult with a provider. These communications are called Radio Medical Traffic (RMT). The CHAs used to communicate with VHF radio, and the euphemism has remained, even though communication is now conducted through the EHR.

Each CHA is required to use the Community Health Aide Manuel (CHAM) for each and every encounter. The CHAM outlines specific history questions and physical exam components for each visit. The CHAM also provides a plan for all assessments, which will list medications and interventions the CHA should follow. If a CHA has Standing Orders, s/he does not need to send an RMT unless the patient has specific history or exam findings that would warrant reporting. You should familiarize yourself with the CHAM and request free access at

An RMT is sent in by the CHA through PowerChart, where they come into message centers under the Proxies Tab as panels (i.e., Chronic Peds, Emergency, Kusko or Yukon). These proxies are set up for providers by IT as part of the initial onboarding process.

At any given time there are assigned providers (some internal at YKHC and some remote providers) for each panel who will review the cases submitted and send back the form with assessment/instructions. After reading the encounter, the provider reviews order proposed by the CHA and mofifies them as needed, writes an addendum to the encounter which includes their plan, and sends it back to the CHA.

Emergency cases are sent to the Emergency Proxy which is reviewed by the NW physicians.

Orientation for RMT will extend through your entire tenure at YKHC because there are so many different scenarios and new challenges that arise even daily. Work with others to figure out how best to manage RMT patients and don’t hesitate to ask for help repeatedly until you get more comfortable with different scenarios. It is better to ask and learn (remembering there is often more than one way to handle a particular situation).


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