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Most outpatient providers work Monday through Friday, 8 to 9 hour days, usually from 0800 – 1700. Providers are allotted half days for administrative duties throughout the month, with full days scheduled after a village trip.


Providers will have extended appointment times during orientation. When working a full schedule, there are fourteen 30-minute appointments per day with two overbooks. Certain patient visits (i.e. first prenatal exams) are scheduled for 60 minutes. Clinics are closed for all Federal Holidays (these are paid holidays).


Providers will normally have a nurse to assist with visits. Nurses are allowed to independently perform certain tasks: give acetaminophen or ibuprofen for fevers, administer influenza vaccines, administer nebulizer treatments, and contact Access to Collaborative Treatment or ACT (outpatient behavioral health service). They will propose orders, administer medications ordered by providers, assist with procedures, set up rooms, etc. The nursing staff also draws blood for labs ordered in the clinic. Providers should meet with nurses before and after shifts to review patients, plan for future labs, and provide feedback.

Patient Clinic Flow

Patients arrive at the hospital and check in with a registration clerk. After checking in, their status in the ambulatory schedule in PowerChart is changed alerting nursing staff of arrival. Nurses will screen patients and either escort the patient back to waiting area or put the patient in a room and inform the provider.

Nursing Screening

Nursing staff will check vitals, update social history, assess falls risk, screen for depression and infection, and address immunization needs. Nursing will advise providers if something is abnormal or needs attention.

Team Rooms

The Outpatient Clinic has three team rooms, designated as Team Room 1, Team Room 2, and Team Room 3. Providers, case managers, schedulers, and pharmacists have cubicles in each team room.

Case Management

Each team room has a case manager. There are also Pediatric, Women’s Health, and Surgical case managers. If you have a complicated patient who needs several appointments set up, or medical equipment, including e.g., ensure, home health services, etc., you should contact the case manager to assist you in caring for the patient.

Patient Travel

Patient travel is often challenging due to weather. There may be days when no planes (and therefore patients) arrive in the am and all arrive in the afternoon. When this happens, Bethel patients may be called to come in if possible. Because folks travel far in many cases and often at substantial inconvenience and expense, providers need to do whatever they are able whenever patients are here in Bethel.

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