Continuing Medical Education

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Rescucitation Credentials

Basic and Advanced Life Support online courses (BLS, ACLS, PALS)

  • Access Healthstream (password required), which will be using programs from the American Red Cross
  • Contact Nurse Educator to request the program to be completed.
  • Complete through Healthstream
  • perform the Skills check-off
    • This can now be completed using the Red Cross manikins and iPad (no instructor needed). Few pointers:
      1. Allow at least 20 minutes for the check-off. If you don’t get your compressions and breaths right you’ll need to re-do them until you pass.
      2. When you set up your hStream profile (you’ll have to, to complete the online portion), remember your password.
      3. Follow the directions on the iPad. This might be intuitive for iPad owners but it’s a (very small) learning curve for us Android users.
    • In the Bethel hospital there are 2 check-off stations:
      1. Inpatient – room K3133, the Exam Room in the Behavioral Health pod. The key to the room can be obtained from the Inpatient charge nurse.
      2. Outpatient – room D1117, the Whitefish Procedure Room.
    • You will need to pull the adult and the infant manikins out of their cases before you begin. Please wipe them down with Optim1 wipes and return them to their bags when you’re finished.
    • If the batteries in the manikins are dead, there is an A/C cord in the case that can power the manikins from an outlet. Same with the iPads.
  • ecard will instantly load into your Healthstream Profile under "Resuscitation Credentials"
  • you can reach out to John Morris or super-users Grace Hwang and Kim Tader via email or TigerText with questions.