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Forms and Resources

All link to pdf files

BRHS Medication List

BRHS Supply List Inventory Tracking Sheet

BRHS Clinic Consent

BRHS Vaccination Consent Form

Clinic Workflow

last updated 10/26/17


  • YK scheduling takes calls from patients/parents requesting appointments and makes up to 10 appointments for each clinic day. Schedule can be checked under resource “LBRHS1” or “LBRHS2” for the relevant clinic day.

If no one is scheduled, check with scheduling to make sure that there are spots open to schedule in.

The day before clinic

  • Med list is checked and any requests given to pharmacy – tackle box will be refilled and ready for pick up at pharmacy day of
  • Updated RST and POC hCG test kits obtained from lab, if needed (QCs are good for one month, after which kits must be thrown away, apparently due to temperature regulation issues)
  • VacTrAKs for scheduled patients are checked and – if PHNs will be present at clinic the next day – the list of immunizations due is emailed to them ( and If PHNs will not be present, plan to bring vaccines from clinic stock
  • Outpatient nursing director (Carol Garrison or Dawn Hackney) contacted to determine whether nursing is available for clinic and, if so, who it will be
  • BRHS Secretary (Stephanie or Kathleen (“Little Girl”) @ 543-3957) contacted to remind them to make a PSA announcement re clinic AND send an email to parents

Clinic day

  • Team meets at hospital at 8:30 AM to collect meds (the med tackle box will be refilled and ready for pickup at pharmacy – do not forget to grab the LA bicillin from Delta clinic fridge if it is available), pick up vaccines at immunizations dept, restock supplies as needed: RST/hCG kits, etc. then proceeds to clinic. The school office has a key to the clinic or there is one in the med box.
  • Clinic is set up for the day
  • IT connectivity is tested. If able to connect to LKSD Guest network but unable to connect to VMWare/RAVEN, call YKHC technology. Lonnie is used to driving over to troubleshoot.
  • Team touches base with school office staff (Stephanie and Kathleen “Little Girl”) to
    • give them the list of students and their appointment times (remember that some students come from KLA so Stephanie and Kathleen won’t know all the students on the list)
    • collect any new walk-in requests
    • arrange for consents to be emailed to the nurse on the team for the day (or to the provider if no nurse available) so they can be scanned into student charts
  • Students arrive for appointments (KLA staff – phone numbers taped to printer in clinic – chauffeurs the students to and from KLA, so call to coordinate if needed; there are also cab vouchers in an envelope wrapped in a plastic bag in one of the kitchen cupboards if staff are unable to pick up a student from clinic in a reasonable amount of time)
    • Nurse/provider confirms consent is on file for each student or parent is contacted by phone to provide verbal consent for the day.
    • If scanned by the school staff and emailed to provider/nurse, consent can be directly uploaded to MMM. If a paper consent form is provided, this goes to Rosa McCabe at Registration at the end of the day to be scanned in.
  • Nurse registers (and schedules, if no pre-existing appt) and triages each student. If no nurse available, call Vjollca (6442) at YKHC to schedule/register each student and provider triages student.
  • Resident/provider sees each student and screens for immunizations due and public health services needed.
    • Remember that every student must complete a PHQ-9, which must be entered into RAVEN.
    • Order any labs as future orders; these can be activated back at YKHC so they can be printed to a label printer (until label printer is available at BRHS). Blood draw supplies are available in the PHN room along with a centrifuge.
    • “Depart” and “Visit Summary” currently do not work for BRHS encounters. Patient education can be provided manually or off the internet (the printer does work).
  • Student is directed to PHN if necessary and PHN present
  • Student is given immunization consent and VIS’s to take home if immunizations due and parent cannot be reached by phone for verbal consent (PHN will do this if present)
  • Follow-up care is coordinated as needed (referral to YK clinic or specialist)
  • Parent is contacted for update as warranted

At end of day

  • Clinic space is reorganized
  • Med inventory is reviewed and note made of items to restock
  • Supply list (kept in the white binder in one of the exam rooms) is reviewed and note made of items to restock
  • QC-expired RST and hCG kits thrown away
  • Dirty gowns and med box brought back to hospital
  • Completed sports physical forms and paper consent forms brought back to hospital to be scanned into MMM. Sports physical forms are then placed in the med box to be returned to the school office on the next BRHS clinic day.
  • Supplies are restocked and stored next to the med box at Mien’s desk

Follow-up care is completed


  • BRHS IT for WiFi connectivity help: Greg (4946). Office in LKSD admin building first floor.
  • Please do not park in front of clinic as is kindly requested by BRHSC staffing for safety reasons
  • In case of medical emergency, dial 911
  • In setting that patient needs non-emergent, but urgent treatment at YKHC, call parent for transport. If parent is unavailable, call BRHS secretary Stephanie or Little Girl for transport in BRHS official vehicle.

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