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BRHS Medication List

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BRHS Clinic Consent

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Clinic Workflow

last updated 02/25/23


  • YK scheduling takes calls from patients/parents requesting appointments and makes up to 8 appointments for each clinic day. Schedule can be checked under resource “LBRHS1” or “LBRHS2” for the relevant clinic day.

If no one is scheduled, check with scheduling to make sure that there are spots open to schedule in.

Before clinic

  • Pick up vaccine cool cube (from 2nd floor of admin building - across the street from hospital)
  • Pick up keys and med box
    • If med box was refilled: pick up from pharmacy
    • If med box was not refilled: pick up from closet of Clinic Team B closet
  • Print and check VacTrAKs for scheduled patients

At clinic

  • Once arrived, let the BRHS front office staff Cindy know clinic is in-session (can reach at 2600, or visit in-person) and given her a list of students with their appointment time
  • Call the front office before each scheduled patient to let them know the clinic is ready for the pt.
  • When patients arrive, check in the patient. Can also TigerText Scheduling On-Call BRHS to ask them to check them in.
  • If someone is a walk-in, TigerText Scheduling On-Call BRHS to ask them to make an appointment AND check the patient in.
  • To enter vitals: Ad hoc (top toolbar) -> Pediatric ambulatory Care Intake -> fill in chief complaint and vitals -> enter Covid Screener -> hit green checkmark in top left corner
  • Parent is contacted for update as warranted
  • To enter immunizations: Place vaccine order -> click on “Activities & Interventions (on left hand column) -> double click vaccine -> input appropriate information including lot number, expiration date, manufacturer, initial vs additional admin fee, funding source, etc
  • If a child is getting a sports physical, make a copy of the sports physical, hand one copy to the student and return the other to the hospital for medical records to upload

After clinic

  • Sweep
  • Dispose of any expired tests (such as bHCG test kits QCs)
  • Empty all trash bins
  • Consider any items that were used and may need replenishing
  • Take the following back to the hospital:
    • Lab samples: Ask a nurse to help task off labs before dropping them off at lab
    • Vaccines: Return vaccine cool cube to 2nd floor of admin building
    • Med box: if none or very few meds used, place in Clinic Team Room B closet. If multiple meds used, give to pharmacy (Alan Miller) to replenish
    • Keys: kept with med box
    • PHI: Give paper forms (PHQ9, etc) to charge RN to scan to chart


  • Mental health:
    • BRHS has an in-person school counselor (Ryan Wheeler)
    • If PHQ9 score is concerning, or answers “yes” to question, 9 -> can TigerText ACT Therapist On-Call for assistance (they are willing to chat with pt by phone)
    • Can provide with YKHC 24/7 Crisis Response Line: 907-543-6499
  • Tobacco/iqmiq/substance use
    • Can “Refer to Nicotine Control Internal” if patient is interested in nicotine replacement therapy


  • BRHS IT for WiFi connectivity help: Greg (4946). Office in LKSD admin building first floor.
  • Please do not park in front of clinic as is kindly requested by BRHSC staffing for safety reasons
  • In case of medical emergency, dial 911
  • In setting that patient needs non-emergent, but urgent treatment at YKHC, call parent for transport. If parent is unavailable, call BRHS secretary Stephanie or Little Girl for transport in BRHS official vehicle.

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