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We have a web-based application (AFCHAN) that facilitates long distance consultation by allowing our providers to share media with specialists at ANMC, our referral center in Anchorage. The application allows you to take pictures of rashes, ears, eyes, etc., and send them to a provider at ANMC. Access is given by IT to providers during the onboarding process. (With access to ANMC providers through TigerText, it is much easier to send pictures through the TigerText app.)

AFCHAN has been used in the past for RMT to view pictures from Health Aides in the villages. As the Health Aides are now able to upload media directly into PowerChart, AFCHAN is no longer used for this process.

If a provider views photos, or other media such as an EKG from a village, they can bill for it, but must document that pictures were reviewed.

See Learning Live - AFHCAN for RMT - How to Review Cases and Bill for Service.

When Telemedicine (media files) are reviewed as part of the RMT, providers should add a charge by selecting the order Telemed Consult Level 1 and insert ..rmtmediareview autotext:

Appreciate the photos of the _ that were sent to the Bethel provider so that the Health aide could get some help with the diagnosis and treatment plan.
Diagnosis: _
Plan: _
Please give immunizations that are due.

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