Curosurf Administration

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Give only to < 30 wk premies, infants with X-ray proven RDS or in consultation with a NICU consultant.

Curosurf Storage: Store at 36-46 F. If warmed and not opened or used, may be returned to refrigerated storage one time.

Preparation of Curosurf

1. Warm to room temperature and gently invert (do not shake).
2. Determine Curosurf dose for estimated gestational age on the neonatal summary resuscitation sheet or, if weight is known, calculate Curosurf dose using 2.5 mls/kg.
3. Draw up the total dose of curosurf that will be administered into a 5ml syringe using a 20 guage or larger needle.
4. Attach a 5F multi access catheter (or MAC adapter).

Preparation of patient

1. Intubate patient and verify good ETT placement.
2. Make sure the ETT is well secured.

Administration of Curosurf

1. Disconnect bag or ventilator.
2. Instill one half of the total dose via into the ETT while patient is lying on side with one side dependant.
3. Remove catheter and bag baby with 100% O2 (or less…may not require 100% if blender is available) at a rate of 40-60 breaths/min for one minute.
4. When patient is stable, reposition infant so the other side is dependant and repeat step #2.
5. Remove catheter and resume ventilation. Do not suction for one hour after administration unless required for obstruction.