Ischemic Stroke – Acute

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Direct transfer of an acute CVA patient from the ER to ANMC should always be considered as these patients have better chance at rehab as the rehab-queue for Alaska Regional starts at ANMC inpatient.

That being said, non-hemorrhagic, non-brain stem and stable stroke patients can be monitored inpatient for 1-2 days to assure there is no clinical worsening. On a cardiac-respiratory monitor emboli-producing arrhythmias can be screened while Physical Therapy can help assess for rehabilitation potential and ability to swallow can be grossly assessed.

Neurology and/or IM at ANMC should be consulted and the patient transferred there if rehabilitation is a possibility. YKHC inpatients can only go to rehab via ANMC inpatient. Otherwise, YKHC patients are discharged home with an ANMC IM follow-up appointment for an MRI, echocardiogram and carotid duplex (if latter not done in Bethel).

  • We do give lytics for acute stroke if appropriate and no contraindications. Neurology at ANMC must be consulted if you are considering lytics.
  • All acute strokes and TIAs are medevac’d to ANMC for further workup. This is true even if they have recovered from a neuro standpoint.


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