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Check out the ..pr ( preventative autotexts) to help guide you when to order the CT bone density scan and for all the other Preventative Care items.

  • Women 65- and up get one
  • Men 70 and up get one

When you get the results back – if Osteoporosis – then do this awesome referral to get them on the dental clearance list (see image below). They will get the patient in – and then tiger text you when they are cleared – and complete the order.

The last step is then to either order the prescription or set patient up for Nurse only clinic – where they will be able to view the clearance from Dental.

Remember the CT Bone Density test can be ordered on Inpatient – along with other preventative care things if patient willing and it makes sense

Refer to Dentistry Internal - Osteoporosis Clearance.png


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