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See Medevac section for more details

The only medevacs the pediatricians go out on are for high risk or premie (less than 36 week) village deliveries. There is limited space on these medevacs so only one pediatrican can go out at a time. This makes it difficult to orient new staff for this part of your job. It is important to review the links below and talk with other pediatricians about their experiences on medevacs. Your assigned back up pediatrician during orientation (or any pediatrician at any time will be happy to help you) can talk to you before you go out and after you get to the village to help coach and help you.

Medevacs are one of the scariest things we do. We don’t do them often; we can’t have another pediatrician by our side and there are limited resources in the village. BUT the medevac crews are great. We have phone and video conferencing capability and even new pediatricians will be surprised at how well they can do with good preparation ☺

You need to review the following information before going on your first medevac. It would be good to have a copy of these handouts available to review or print when you go out on your first medevac.

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NOTE: Pediatricians do not go on any Anchorage medevacs. Our medevac crews are good and can handle very sick pediatric patients and infants.