Pharmacy Things to Know

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How to find magic mouthwash: You can search magic mouthwash under Diphenhyd – you may wish to spell out what he individual compound and the options ie with or without lidocane (villages only have it without lidocaine). Other ways to find it are to search for “FIRST” (the brand name) or “BLM” (the components Benadryl/lidocaine/maalox)

Thick it order—How to get more for family: Send a message to the case manager, who will give you the Certificate of Medical Necessity already filled out. If not available that day, find an experienced pediatrician to locate one for you.

Loratidine use: Loratadine is for children under 18 or elders over 65 only. The only indications are allergic rhinitis or chronic urticarial

Always use 10 days of antibiotics for all peds patients. This will keep therapy standardized with less chance of mistakes. It also follows the CHAM protocols.

How to remove an allergy banner on RAVEN:

  • Click the allergy on the banner bar.
  • Select the allergy and click Modify.
  • Change the status from “active” to “cancelled.” In the next box, choose a reason like “OK on retrial.”
  • Click Apply and Okay.
  • Done!