Prenatal Care During COVID-19

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ROUTINE Prenatal Care

  • < 11 weeks: Telehealth visit for 1st prenatal questions and risk assessment
  • 11-13 weeks: In-person visit for labs and dating US
  • 20 weeks: In-person visit for Anatomy US
  • 24 weeks: Village prenatal visit
  • 28 weeks: In-person visit for labs and vaccine
  • 32 weeks: Village prenatal visit
  • 36 weeks: In-person-BIB labs
  • 37 weeks to delivery: In-person weekly visits
  • Postpartum: Telehealth for most- VTC with health aides for hypertension patients

High risk patients

  • Alter the schedule to meet the needs of the individual patients.
  • HROB meeting will define schedule for new patients
  • Consult HROB provider for modified schedule for patients to update HROB note or refer back to HROB meeting as needed.

Ellen Hodges and the SLT are working with the villages to let patients return to villages after urgent travel, which includes prenatal care under the Governor’s latest order.

Prenatal Information
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