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Prenatal Care During COVID-19

We have a large number of pregnant patients, and many who are high risk. The OB Case Managers are an excellent resource. It is recommended to document any pregnancy problems in the HPI of your prenatal notes. An example:

Pt is a 32 yr old G5P3 AB1 with an EDC of 12/25/17 at 22 weeks gestation with a history of Cholestasis of Pregnancy and Kell Antibodies.

Use the OP PC Prenatal Visit Note for your prenatal visits. There are several auto-texts that can be used when documenting a First Prenatal or routine prenatal visits. These all start with ..ob (case sensitive). The ..ob1stpnhpi is particularly important to include for First Prenatal visits.

At the first prenatal visit you will also need to complete the 1st Prenatal Visit ad hoc form and copy the textual rendition of this form to your HPI.

  • You should only open one 1st Prenatal Visit ad hoc form for each pregnancy.
  • If you need to add or modify information, you should go to the Form Browser, find the 1st Prenatal Visit ad hoc form for the current pregnancy, right click and select Modify.
  • see 1st Prenatal Workflow Learning Live for more information

Prenatal Appointment Schedule if Uncomplicated

Q4 week: Appts until 32 weeks
Q2 week: Until be-in-Bethel Date
Q1 week: Appts in Bethel and/or Anchorage

Prenatal Labs/Sono Needed

1st prenatal(If in SRC do labs): CBC, HepBsAg, RPR, CCUA and urine culture, Vitamin D, GC/CT, Rubella, PPD (see PowerPlan). Make appointment for 1st trimester sonogram in Bethel. We want a sonogram as early as possible on everyone.
11-13 weeks: If Advanced Maternal Age, 35 or older, first trimester screening for Down’s. Contact Ann Glasheen for particulars.
15-21 weeks: Do Quad screen
18-24 weeks: Make a 2nd Sonogram appointment in Bethel for Anatomy Screen
24-28 weeks: Prenatal with CBC/GST. If the GST is over 140, will need a 2hr GTT ASAP. Get Quantiferon gold if PPD not done.
36 weeks: Into Bethel (BIB) and/or Anchorage, CBC, GC/CT, and GBS culture

Fetal Monitoring

Resource: Dr. David Compton
Diagnosis/Indication Gestational age to begin weekly Testing Test Stay in Bethel
Intrahepatic Cholestatis of Pregnancy (IHCP) 32 weeks or diagnosis BPP 32 weeks or diagnosis
Gestational Pruritus Kick Counts not indicated
Pregestational DM 32 weeks BPP 32 weeks
Gestational Diabetes (GDMA2) 32 weeks or diagnosis BPP 32 weeks or diagnosis
Chronic Hypertension in Pregnancy 32 weeks BPP 32 weeks
Pre-ecclampsia (see Gestational Hypertension diagnosis BPP diagnosis
Chronic Kidney Disease 32 weeks BPP 32 weeks
Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) diagnosis BPP with dopplers 32 weeks or diagnosis
SLE 32 weeks BPP 32 weeks or diagnosis
Fetal Arrhythmia diagnosis BPP then kick counts not indicated
Mono/Di twins 32 weeks per Anchorage 30 weeks to Anchorage
Di/DI twins if indicated 32 weeks to Anchorage
Obesity 32 weeks Kick Counts not indicated
Oligohydramnios diagnosis BPP diagnosis
Polyhydramnios diagnosis BPP 32 weeks or diagnosis
Prior stillbirth 32 weeks BPP 32 weeks or 1 week before stillbirth
Single umbilical artery Kick Counts not indicated

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