Second Year Expectations

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40 minute appointments with overbooks as able

All village patients planning to return home must be staffed before leaving the hospital

If your patient lives in Bethel or is a village patient planning to follow up the next day, ok to depart and staff at earliest convenience

All patients must be staffed with provider by end of half day

Interdisciplinary Rounds are scheduled at 8:00 am on some Thursday mornings in the West Wing Conference Room. Please be on the look out for interesting patients seen at YK to present or come just to listen to other interesting cases.

The high school based clinic is currently up and running. You will be scheduled every other Wednesday with a provider to perform school physicals and acute sick visits at Bethel Regional High School.


You will be scheduled for 2-3 shifts during your rotation

Shifts will either be with a pediatrician, family provider, or ER provider

shifts are generally 12 hours

Procedures on adults can be done under the supervision of an adult provider if available


Use RICE time to arrange medevacs.

Providers will help assist getting medevacs during your inpatient or ER shifts as time allows. If you desire to go on more medevacs, please arrange with the medevac team during off hours.

Make sure to have the Medevac Ride Along Form (Online Medevac Ride-along Participant Application) completed.

Remember that when you go, you are observing, not providing or suggesting medical care.

Please follow the link to get more helpful information about going on medevacs: Detailed Medevac Information

Village Trips

Will occur over 3-4 days

Expect to help the provider you are traveling with prepare for travel. This might include: reviewing patient charts, determining care to be addressed for individual patients, updating problem lists, or any other tasks that the provider feels will be helpful to patient care.

You may be asked to prepare presentations for the health aides on specific medical topics or mock codes

You may be asked to prepare presentations for students at the local schools

Bring sleeping bag, food that can easily be warmed up in a microwave, towel, and otherwise usual travel gear

Resident-Initiated Clinic Experience – “RICE”


Provide educational opportunities unique to Bethel experience as an adjunct to primary care clinic


RICE day will be an 8 to 12 hour shift

Plan your desired activities for a RICE day at least 5 days ahead of the day it is scheduled.

Review your plan with site director or designated faculty member no later than 48 hours before each RICE day

Check in with designated faculty at start of RICE day – this will be your point of contact for the day. She/he will arrange for you to work either in clinic or on the inpatient side if your planned RICE activities fall through

Keep activity log of experiences, length of time spent, point of contact

De-brief RICE experiences at end of day with faculty

De-brief RICE experiences with residency director at end of week

Evaluate your RICE activity after each RICE day so that we can continue to add/subtract/improve these educational experiences for future residents

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