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Labs in Bethel include most standard, routine labs including cultures, comprehensive chemistries, CBCs, etc. Viral loads and some specialized tests need to be sent to Lab Corp and are not quickly available.

In PowerChart/FirstNet you can order many lab panels and PowerPlans for specific diagnoses. If interested in individual components of lab panels, right click, and select Reference Information.

For PAPs we are now doing liquid-based Sure Path. Twist the brush for several seconds on the cervix and then swish in the bottle, then pull off the brush and leave it in there.

We are doing high grade HPV testing per Pap guidelines (see the YK Clinical Guidelines). The appropriate testing is in PAP orders.

In the village, RST, urine dips, Hgb, A1C, urine HCG, and glucose finger sticks are available. They can draw most labs and send them out to Bethel.

In the Sub-regional Clinic there is a lab capability for some of the tests to be done on site, while others are sent to Bethel.

  • The SRC labs may do CBC, Chem 8, CMP, A1C, lipids, quantitative troponin, dipsticks for CCUA, urine micro, wet preps, RST/cultures, urine HCGs.
  • For questions about the lab please contact at Aniak SRC Lab Director (907-675-4556).
Lab Anacronyms / Panels
CBC Complete Blood Count
ABG Arterial Blood Gas
Chem 8 Na, K, CI, CO2, Bun Creatinine, glucose, calcium
Hep B Carrier Panel AFP, SGOT, SGPT, HepBsAg
CMP Chem 8, LFT’s
LFTs Total protein, albumin, total bili, direct bili, SGOT, SGPT, Alk phos
Quad Screen HCG, AFP, UE 3, DIA (used to be called the triple screen)
Acute Hepatitis Panel HepA Ab IgM, HepB Core IgM, HepBs Ag, HepC Ab
Iron Profile Iron, Unsaturated Iron-Binding Capacity , Ferritin, Transferrin, Calculated TIBC, Calculated Iron Saturation