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All Medical Staff get CME money and time. If you are full time you get $5,000 and 10 days CME. The money can be spent on CME registration, travel, per diem, car rental, medical magazines, medical associations that have education (journals) associated with them, and DEA licenses, Board review courses.

CME money and time can be used for registering for at home courses and taking board courses, but CME money will not be used for travel for at home courses. CME time cannot be used for travel for at home courses.

Here is the protocol on how to arrange your CME travel.

  1. Find a course
  2. Either give the registration to Admin Assistant for Clinical Services so she can send it and a YKHC check to the site, or pay for it yourself and ask for reimbursement when you turn in your trip report.
  3. Fill out a CME request form and submit it to your Service Chief. They can approve the content only.
  4. Put on the calendar a CME request for the days you need. If you are traveling somewhere for CME you are allowed up to 1 day of travel there and up to one 1 day of travel back depending on location.
  5. Do not make travel until your CME and time off are approved.
  6. Email Anc TMC Res and the Admin Assistant for Clinical Services your travel request, hotel, car requests. They can make all these reservations for you at lower prices. You will work directly with travel to get your correct flights, but need to have Admin Assistant for Clinical Services cced - so she/he can complete your ETR-Electronic Travel Request when it is ticketed.
  7. If you are traveling with family etc - TMC can help make all your family's travel, or help you coordinate it.
  8. If you are doing other travel on this trip - per YK policy TMC will have to calculate out out the least expensive ticket to your destination and back and then you will be able to pay the difference. TMC can still help you arrange the tickets.
  9. You are not allowed to purchase your own tickets - and submit them for reimbursement. You will need approval from Vice President of Health Services for any extenuating circumstances - (such as using a companion fare).
  10. You can ask for advanced per diem from the Admin Assistant for Clinical Services - if she has all your hotel, car, flight info on your itinerary. You can pick up the check on the Friday before you leave. This covers 80% of expected expenses. You have to submit your Trip Report when you return within a two week time frame for the rest of your reimbursement.
  11. Please keep all your receipts - car, hotel, conference registration, parking, flight itinerary and submit all these with the completed trip report explaining what you did and what dates.
  12. Submit it to the Admin Assistant for Clinical Services for signatures and approvals.
  13. You should receive your reimbursement within a few weeks.