Infusion Clinic

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Refer to Infusion Clinic

  1. select the order ‘Refer to Infusion - Internal’. This will put your referral in a queue that allows the infusion nurses to manage infusion patients more efficiently.
  2. In the referral order, please include
    • the medication needed.
    • The ‘Reason for visit:” (should not be “IV Infusion”)
  3. Confirm that the medication you are ordering is actually available for infusion at YKHC. In most cases this means checking to see if it is on our formulary (green dots, yellow triangles, and red diamonds label formulary items in the OLD WORKFLOW (not Dynamic Documentation workflow). ##In rare occasions, the pharmacy will be able to supply non-formulary medication for infusion, but if in doubt, please contact your friendly neighborhood pharmacist.
  4. Lastly, to ensure a smooth process, please enter a future order for the medication when you place the referral order.