Family Infant Toddler (FIT)

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This program provides PT, OT, and speech services to children under 3 years old with concern for developmental delay, after which they can present through the school system for these services. They usually have a week long therapy service once a month in Bethel.

Referring to FIT

Anyone can submit a FIT referral- health aides, providers, even the family can call and ask for an evaluation. You can submit a FIT referral from an RMT. This is for any delays with speech, gross motor, or fine motor. They can also start early before any delays are noted in patients who have risk factors for delay.

  • order "Refer to Family, Infant, Toddler Program Internal"
  • Have the following information to complete the referral
    • Caregiver's Name
    • Caregiver's Phone Number
    • Gestational Weight (kg)
    • Reason for Referral (e.g. speech delay, severe prematurity, etc)
    • Gestational Age (weeks)
    • Primary language (English, Yupik, or other)


FIT Scheduler View in SchApptBook

  • Double-click on the referral to view details
  • On Orders tab, right-click on the order to select “View Order Info” to preview the order details