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YK Pay Travel

YK Pay Guidelines

YK Pay travel tips for Patient/Escort (you can print this document to give to individuals who are traveling by YK pay to help with their travel arrangements.)

Medicaid Travel

In Certain circumstances, YKHC customers can now call 907-543-6625 to submit travel update requests.

If a YKHC Medicaid patient is in Anchorage for an appointment at the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) and must request an update to their travel, during business hours they can now call 907-543-6625 to submit the request. The patient should be prepared to provide the date and time of the new appointment, the provider name, the specialty, and reason for travel update.

  • If the update is approved, ANMC will be notified they are able to issue any additional vouchers and YKHC will contact the patient regarding travel that has been rebooked.
  • If the update is denied, a travel agent will contact the patient to provide travel instructions.

Medicaid patients in Anchorage, who have appointments at ANMC, and need travel support after 5:00 p.m. should continue to provide updates in person at ANMC. Under these circumstances, ANMC will process updates and ensure lodging is provided for YKHC Medicaid patients.

If a YKHC Medicaid patient is in Bethel and must request an update to their travel, there are several ways they can submit the request.

  • If a patient needs to be rescheduled to another flight within the same day due to weather or mechanical delays, they can now call 907-543-6625 to submit a travel update and avoid leaving the airport.
  • A patient who will need additional vouchers, should continue providing travel update requests in person at YKHC's update booth located in the new hospital.

Any patients in Bethel who need travel support after 8:00 p.m. should check in at YKHC's Qavartarvik Hostel to see if rooms are available. If room is available, the Qavartarvik Hostel will lodge the patient and provide any additional vouchers for the following day. Under these circumstances, it is important for patients to know they must still check-in with the update booth when travel reopens the following morning at 8:00 a.m.

A friendly reminder that the State of Alaska Medicaid travel rules require patients to return home on the first flight after an appointment. As a result, travel update requests to delay return for personal reasons or requests for transportation vouchers to cover personal errands must be denied.