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You will have the ability to take pictures of rashes, ears, eyes, etc. and send them over a computer to an ENT or Dermatology specialist at ANMC—our referral center. This allows you to consult the Dermatologist or ENT physician long distance. You will also look at Telemedicine pictures from health aides out in the villages when doing RMT. You can then respond to the health aide using the telemedicine, but will also need to document on the PEF and either fax it or call it to the health aide. You can actually do the ANMC ENT referrals all on the Telemed cart for ear tubes, tonsillectomies, tymapnostomies, etc.

You need a code and a password—but can then send images to ANMC or YKHC—if you want a second opinion of a rash by a pediatrician or FM doc. This is immensely helpful. Your SRC health aides can help you be able to do this. If you have not received training on this, Jesse Gunlik in Bethel can help you get this training. 543-6130

You will mainly be viewing Telemeds for RMT and for responses to specialists at ANMC. If you view photos or an EKG from a village you can bill for it as long as you write on your RMT pictures reviewed.

To bill for viewing a Telemed: just order in RAVEN Telemed RMT under the E and M folder. Usually you order the first selection unless it was a very complicated Telemed. You need to make sure you type "Pictures Reviewed" as described as above in the RMT message.

Telemedicine Flow – to send a Telemed

1. Go to Telemed station or to your YKHC Intranet, direct your pointer to Employee Resources, scroll down to See All Employee Resources and click on the first row of the reference that says AFHCAN Telemedicine. If you have Dragon, you may need to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer to open and find cases. IT can help you get it set up: 543-6070.

2. Click Telemedicine, or AFHCAN telemedicine from the YKHC intranet.

3. User name and Password

4. Click new case and media used

5. Download pictures, etc. Turn on camera once in the base so the light in base turns green. Or if the pictures have been loaded from your computer or email onto your Pictures, select them from there by hitting browse.

6. Select pictures you want to save – put captions on them

7. Push Save.

8. Then pick comment and write the details of your case for the specialist you are consulting.

9. Pick Done

10. Then pick where you want the case to go – ANMC or YKHC and what specialty group or person.

11. Push Send Case.

How to use AFHCAN Telemedicine for RMT

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