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Welcome to the online Provider Orientation Manual for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation. This is manual is intended to be a resource for medical providers considering work at YK, new staff, locums and residents. It is intended to be a resource that is accessible and quickly available from the YK intranet and from outside the system.

For those considering work at YKHC, you can get a preview of the exciting challenges and adventures of working here.

For new hires this manual provides a step-by-step process for starting work at YKHC.

For those working at YKHC already, this manual has become a store house of day to day working tips, pooled experiential knowledge of seasoned YK providers and a single site to access tools and resources to help your ongoing YKHC orientation and work at YKHC as smooth as possible.

Practicing medicine in Bush Alaska has its challenges and also its rewards. This wiki orientation is intended to introduce you to the "YK Way." It is an evolving, never-ending work in progress, with several sections still under construction.

Browse, go directly to orientation sections you are interested in reading, jump to emergency health aide scenario tips or check out the resource links to guidelines, formularies and important policies.

Thanks to the many providers that have written large sections of this manual and to all of the providers that have given feedback and edits.

Consult the User's Guide for general information on using wiki software.

Contents and Navigation

The sidebar to the left lists categories, or chapters, linking to information about our various departments, units, clinics, services and health care programs. The links may be the best route to what you're looking for, but searching is also effective. You may also wish to see the list of all pages.

Wiki navigation is somewhat primitive. If you find yourself at a dead end or in a standalone pdf document, you may not see the main sidebar menu of the wiki. Use your browser's back button to return to the previous page or until you find yourself in familiar territory.

Editing and Contributing

The ePOM is authored by a team of our senior medical staff. Questions, comments and requests can be directed to the Chief of Staff or Medical Director.


The contents of the ePOM are in flux. Editors can create links before a page is made. These show up in red (in the wiki world, these are known as "redlinks"). Clicking on one of those links will take you to an empty page. If you are logged in as an editor, you can create the page yourself. You can use your browser's backbutton to escape if you're not ready yet.


The ePOM uses a lightweight graphical editor to simplify the process of editing pages, but the standard wiki markup you may be familiar with from other wikis is still valid. As is a lot of simple html, if you're familiar with basic markup. You may find this cheatsheet helpful.

Pages with Structure

When a page has more than three headings in it, the wiki automatically generates a table of contents. Clicking a TOC item takes you to that heading on the page. You can show or hide the TOC.

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