Pediatric Specialty Services

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We have Pediatric Specialty Field Clinics in Bethel intermittently throughout the year. These include Pulmonary three to four times a year, Endocrinology three times a year, Cardiology four times a yearly, and Neurology twice a year. The schedule for these clinics comes out just before the new year and is updated and added to occasionally throughout the year. The newest Field Clinic Schedule for adult and pediatric specialty field clinics should be posted in the peds folder with many of our other references.

These and more specialty services are also available in Anchorage. Please look at the Pediatric Specialty Services Grid for more details.

Pediatric Specialty Table

To refer a patient with developmental delay for services, an order must be placed in RAVEN, for a referral to our developmental screening and intervention program called Family Infant and Toddler Program

Type in a ‘refer to’ order and choose the order seen below. The required fields for gestational age, gestational weight, caregiver informed of referral, caregiver’s name, and patient’s primary language along with reason for referral must be completed.


FIT Scheduler View in SchApptBook

  • Double-click on the referral to view details
  • On Orders tab, right-click on the order to select “View Order Info” to preview the order details