Pediatric Specialty Services

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Pediatric Specialty Bethel Field Clinics

We have Pediatric Specialty Field Clinics in Bethel intermittently throughout the year. These include:

  • Pulmonary (from Seattle Children's Hospital) three to four times a year
  • Endocrinology (from ANMC) three times a year
  • Cardiology (from Anchorage clinic associated with Seattle Children's Hospital) four times a yearly
  • Neurology (from Seattle Children's Hospital) twice a year

The schedule for these clinics comes out just before the new year and is updated and added to occasionally throughout the year. The newest Field Clinic Schedule for adult and pediatric specialty field clinics should be posted in the peds folder with many of our other references.

Anchorage Pediatric Specialty Services

These and more specialty services are also available in Anchorage. Please look at the Pediatric Specialty Services Grid for more details.

Developmental Delay Services

To refer a patient with developmental delay for services, please see the Pediatric Developmental Delay Section for more details.

  • Family Infant Toddler (FIT)
    • For children less than 3 years old
  • Infant Learning Program (ILP)
    • Anchorage based equivalent of FIT (see their website here)
    • children discharged from Anchorage-based hospitals that are in need of OT/PT/Speech services will often have a referral to this program. If they return to the Bethel service area, they will need a referral to FIT.
  • Local School Department
    • for children older than 3 years old
    • discuss with parents to request ILP through their school system
    • many villages have Head Start Programs
  • Ability Clinic in Anchorage
    • for children older than 3 years old and needing more intensive OT/PT/speech therapy
    • Order: "Refer to Peds Other” and one of the drop down options is Ability Clinic.
  • Multidisciplinary Neurodevelopmental Clinic